Best SEO techniques Practices Guide (Building and ranking sites) Part 1

SEO techniques
SEO techniques

Intro to SEO techniques :

I feel like I have learned quite a bit more since then and seeing as everyone is a little concerned about the state of SEO techniques right now, I thought it would be a good time to rewrite my guide and hopefully to encourage some people that SEO techniques is still really going strong and that it’s actually a great time to jump in.

FACT SEO is Hard :

One thing for sure when it comes to SEO, and this is now more relevant than ever, is this – IT IS HARD WORK. Not even because Google is trying to stop us from doing what we do but more so because there are so many talented people doing SEO techniques already. Also, because there is so much money to be made from doing SEO and the people that realize this are investing everything they to make their projects work.

SEO techniques hard

The result? If you want to get into SEO right now you must be in it for the long haul and you have to be prepared to give it absolutely everything.

Take your time, plan your project out first :

The first thing you need to do is create a solid plan. This means picking a niche, deciding what type of site you are going to build, how you are going to build it, what keywords you are going to target and how you are going to monetize.

SEO techniques plane

A great concept to think about before you start your project is something called the 10x rule (Check this Link).

Anyway, the concept states that any project you think about starting is probably going to take around 10 times as much effort as what you initially thought it would take. Leading on from that, it’s likely that you are going to need to work 10 times as hard, 10 times as long and invest 10 times as much as you originally planned.

Keeping this in mind, you should work 10 times as hard on every stage of your project – picking a nice? Don’t just pick one in five minutes, think seriously about the niche, research the competition, think about what type of content you can produce for it and spend the time to make sure it’s going to be a profitable niche. Doing keyword research? Don’t just research 20 main keywords and a couple of longtails for each, thinking you will do more once the site is making money, do ALL of the keyword research to begin with – find all of the keywords you are going to target, find 10-20 LSI and related keywords for each primary keyword, research the competition that are currently ranking for each keyword and even perhaps start preparing some notes on each keyword group – what will it take to produce great content for that group of keywords, what resources can you pass on to your writers to make sure they produce a comprehensive article?

It's all about the detail :

In addition to the 10x rule, it is also a great idea to plan everything out in as much detail as possible – like I mentioned above, don’t just think to yourself that you can plan as you go with SEO techniques, plan every aspect of the project out to begin with so that when it comes to doing the work you are literally following a set plan all the way. In my experience, I found this works really well for a few reasons –

·From start to finish you are constantly progressing your project until you reach the end goal – you don’t run out of ideas halfway through trying to establish your site because you are following a long-term plan.

·You avoid the tendency to rush things – for example, it's sometimes easy to get impatient and start building a load of PBN links because you want to see your keywords ranking as quickly as possible, but this can be detrimental to your site in the long term. By having a plan in place for your link-building you can ensure that the link velocity starts off slow and builds up steadily over time.

·When you are building backlinks, if you have a plan in place its easier to keep track of important things like anchor text distribution, distributing links throughout your site and keyword targeting.

SEO techniques - Picking your niche :

The first thing to do is to pick a niche that you want to operate in. You can brainstorm with loads of different ideas and niches to find the one that you want to be in, or you can use a service provider from black hat world who will provide you with a niche and keywords. Either way, you want to be involved in this process and you want to make sure you are in a niche and using keywords, that you can rank for.

The two biggest problems in my experience with picking a niche are as follows -

· Don’t be too set on finding a niche that you like – I know everyone says it – find a niche that you are passionate about and then you can pump out content all day long. Sure there is some truth in this, but at the same time, you need to let the research lead you into a profitable niche. SEO techniques and IM niche is a great example here – everyone here has a passion for this and so it’s a great idea to start an SEO website, but the competition will be so great that it’s going to be hard to rank the site for popular terms and also its going to be hard producing content that has a real benefit to visitors – because there is so much great content already available. Sometimes it’s better to find a random niche, sure it’s got to be something you can get somewhat enthusiastic about, but more importantly, it should be something where there is perhaps not as much great content already available and thus a niche that you can add value to.

· Don’t pick too broad a niche – It’s a problem I have made so many times, and I have seen lots of other people making the same mistake. It's so easy to think of a good idea, and then to think BIG. For example, you want to start a site about cars (Because you love cars) so you start thinking – right I can put together a big authority on cars – the best site on the internet – I will have a category for every make of car, I will have a section for car parts, I will have a section for car care… Fuck it, Ill have a section dedicated to trucks as well, because trucks are cool. Before you know it, you are rewriting Wikipedia and the truth is you have an impossible task – to rank your website fully would probably take you a lifetime. If you think about it, the bigger you make the site the more you are diluting any effort you put in SEO techniques. So here is where the term micro niche site comes into play – and you should really take note of what this term means – the smaller the site, and the more specific the niche, the better. If you want to build a site about cars, build it about a particular model of car – that way you have a really small topic and you can cover it in such a way that you become an authority on that topic. Can you be an authority on “cars”? No. Can you be an authority on the 1969 automatic VW? Yes, probably.

As an example let’s say that we pick Coffee Makers as our niche but so that we don’t make the site too broad, we might settle on one sub-topic in that niche - single cup coffee makers.

Once you have a niche idea then you need to do a little bit of research on keywords and SEO techniques – if you paid for a keyword research service then you have these keywords already – so you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, you can find your keywords yourself. To get keywords for free you can just plug your chosen niche into Google and then take the first ten results for each seed keyword – use a selection of terms related to your niche that you think people might be searching for – then you can look over the sites and pull out all of the terms and phrases that are mentioned on those websites.

There are loads of free tools out there as well, that will help you to find keywords relating to your niche. For example, http://www.keyword.iowill give you hundreds of keyword ideas when you type in your seed keyword or phrase.

SEO techniques

If you have access to ahrefs then its even easier – you can put in the list of competitors that you find in your niche, and ahrefs will give you a list of keywords and phrases that each competitor is ranking for – this is a cool way of finding profitable keywords to target. And the best part is this – if you find the sites that are medium in size (Not the big brands but other niche or independent sites then you know straight away that you can rank for these terms – because you are competing with these other relatively small sites). Even if you don’t have access to ahrefs you can order a report from somewhere like for (As the name implies) 5 bucks.

SEO techniques keyword search

Think about how you are going to make money SEO techniques :

This is important. I have added this in here because you should be thinking about this as you move from thinking about your niche to finding lucrative keywords. I have made the mistake many times in the past of being dead set on a niche, jumping into that niche and then struggling to find any way to monetize the site.

So it is important to look at the CPC for your keywords and not just the search volume, it’s also important to think about whether there are any affiliate programs that have products relevant to your target audience and it's important as well to think about the keywords you choose and what the user intent is going to be behind those keywords – are they even looking to buy something, or are they just looking for free information?

SEO techniques money

As well as the obvious reasons behind this (To make sure there is money to be made) the other important point is this – finding out how much money there is to be made in a niche is often a good indicator of how hard it’s going to be, or how much effort you are going to have to put in, when it comes to ranking your site.

Often, I see people here saying for example that they have found a keyword with $10 CPC and 50k searches a month, and they are asking if someone can guarantee page 1 ranking for $100 or something. The truth is that with a keyword like that where there is serious money to be made, there are going to be lots of people trying to rank for it and if you are serious about ranking a keyword like that then you need to be prepared to invest a lot more than $100 to do so.

Keyword research and competition analysis Continue Reading Part 2 >>

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