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Tshirt Design Teespring
Tshirt Design

What is Selling Tshirt Design on

Selling Tshirt Design on Tesspring is the best way to design and sell custom apparel online.You design a product and sell it. The sales money pays for the productions of your design and we ship it to all of your buyers.

By using Teespring, you never have to pay any upfront fees, store the goods, shipping it out or even customer service. You do the design and selling. They do all the heavy lifting.

Tshirt Design Teespring

So how on earth are they making money?

Quite ingenious actually, a goal would have to be reached before anything happens. Once it’s tipped and the campaign ends, the shipping is paid by the customer, the production/printing cost is covered by taking a cut.

By buying the shirts in bulk, they save a heck a lot of money off of production anyway. On top of that, they take a bit of a share of the commission.

So yes, they make quite a bit by offsetting the sales you make.

Suitable For

Artists, designers, painters and creative people.

Skills Required For Selling your Tshirt Design

1) Ability to conceive and create designs.

2) Ability to convert designs into digital format using tools such as Photoshop.

3) You can hire a Graphic designer to do the work for you

3) Ability to promote your designs on social media.

If you are interested to become a graphic designer here what you need to learn first :

  • Adobe Illustrator. Yes, it’s still not the time to learn Photoshop yet. Better start with Illustrator first. You’ll find so many video tutorials online, and you can also try out a few textbooks.
  • Adobe Photoshop. Finally, it’s time for you to learn how to Photoshop. Again, you can find so many tutorials online, but make sure you choose only the best.

Time Required Starting Selling Tshirt Design on Teespring

If your design is ready you can create a Teespring campaign within minutes.

Before you go on to start promoting your Tshirt Design in your social media you will need to create a buzz. How I like to it is posted several pics throughout the course of the week before launching the Teespring campaign. With descriptions like "You will finally get to support 'niche/cause' as we are bringing a limited edition line up of tee" or something around those lines. The whole purpose of these pics and descriptions is to create buzz.

This works best with niches where people support a cause or are truly devoted to something. For example a fitness page. You can easily pitch them new tees every few weeks and they will sell like hotcakes. Other hot niches I like to work with is cars, motivation, technology, quotes, love. The audience in these niches is very easy to convert.

Tshirt Design

Promotion On Instagram - List Building:

I like to use Instagram in quite a few different ways. Okay, firstly my favorite method is list building. Trust me money truly is on the list. This is a bit long term but it pays off big time. Once you have a massive Instagram following the ways you can cash in are limitless. So what I do is start promoting posts with my link in the bio and slowly build up a list. These are for the big Teespring campaigns where once I launch the sales start pouring in like crazy. The trick is to build a relationship with your followers using your Instagram account and the list updating them with everything and building a relationship. Instagram and list building is one of those untapped methods of monetization that very few people actually bank from. Also, I will be making a whole separate thread on just list building and why lists are so important for any internet marketer so stay tuned.

Promotion - Giveaway:

This one is another personal favorite and this is very easy to bank from. Please pay attention to this one. So once you have launched your campaign get your Tshirt Design image and make a nice looking pic for a giveaway. It's pretty simple. You are gonna post in the description that you have decided to giveaway 1 free Tshirt Design from this campaign. To win they have to tag three friends who are interested in this and repost this pic. And also say the link to this Tshirt Design is in the bio. If you have a good account you will be surprised as to the response that comes from this method. My sales with this method have been amazing.

Promotion - Posting Pics:

This one is a much simpler approach as you will be posting pics of your Tshirt Design throughout the campaign. Include in the description that the link is in the bio and also say that if they post this pic you will really appreciate it. Assuming you have a good relationship with your followers you should get reposts of that pic throughout the week and sales will start pouring in.

How to Monetize

1) Select T-shirt color and size. Upload the design.

2) Start promoting your T-shirt on social medïa and/or using paid ads.

3) More T-shirts you sell, more money you earn.

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