How To Make Money Online – I Wanted To Share My Story

How to make money online
How To Make Money Online

Hey, guys, so I was looking at How To Make Money Online and whatnot.. and came across this thing called the "10k challenge" where the point is for 30 days, you follow a training course and see if you have what it takes to set up a business. The point of this post will be to write a report for every day and see what you guys think of it. I am not an internet marketer and I will not be sharing my quote-unquote affiliate link. That's not the point here. The point is to SHARE my JOURNEY and whether I make it or not, have a reference point to go from.

Ok here we go on "How To Make Money Online" :

How To Make Money Online - Day 1

As I was looking through the 10k challenge, here is what struck a tone with me. It was not some pie in the sky "make a million dollars every day" crap. Ironically enough, the name is 10k challenge lol but what sold me is the fact that a) it's not going to be a make money quick scheme but rather a way of making SLOW money through hard work which EVENTUALLY will lead to you making fast money. You keep going until you make 10k per month. b) The author says that you have to give 35 minutes every day/ and c) the fact that it's FREE for the first 30 days but not like where you have to give the credit card and they charge you after 30 days... NO SIR... its point blank free. You enter your email and BAM, you have the entire system at your fingertips. So I thought what the hell, I need to make money so I can focus on picking up those sweet Asian girls and I got nothing to lose, so I signed up. Notice, no credit card or anything required.

Anyways the first Day was mostly introed by Debbie P, the creator of the program. And the exercises were to create three new business email accounts from Gmail. Nothing too hard. One for a business email address, cuz if you mix your personal email and business email, you get distracted... duhhh I get distracted looking at google lol so, of course, I am gonna keep my business email separate. Then, she made us do some black magic voodoo trick by closing our eyes and burning a piece of wood... NOT I am just kidding. She just made us sign up for "safe lists" (whatever they are lol). I guess, I gotta do it right? So I signed up for two of them using my new emails and that's it.

Ok not so hard for day 1.

How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online - Day 2

Probably the most exciting video I have seen. This one actually GAVE a plan on how we can make money from the 10k challenge. The goal here is to have a compilation of businesses working synergetically in order to bring in more people and have them do the same. How is this different from MLM? Well, for once, YOU and everyone in your team have to succeed in order to get more people. And once you are successful, it's not that hard actually to say to someone "hey look at me I am rich and making money, why don't you do the same with me". You have to make sure that everyone is succeeding in your team, they are not kidding about that. So, what you have to do is basically create your business system and have it so that when people come and look at it, they actually go "wow this guy or gal really has his stuff together, how can I be a part of that". Me, personally, I am just starting out so obviously I am not going to know the extent of my success until I get there, but I like my chances. It sure beats watching porn all day lol. So after watching this inspirational video, we were told to work more on the "safe list" (which until now is pretty easy, literally like a couple of clicks). I hope the rest of the program is like that too lol.

Ok so as I am writing this blog, I got a client signed up..great!
Anyways, I refuse to dilute this blog with my business affiliate Marketing link because the point of this blog is to share my experience. If you PM me, I'd be more than happy to share my website so if you get it from google, that's fine too cuz as long as we are all succeeding and making money, that's the most important part so we can get back to nightclubs and pick up girls lol (Asians, I love Asians lol)

How To Make Money Online - Day 3

Today was another easy day. Just do some more "safe list" building mumbo-jumbo. I think I am starting to understand some of it. Safelists is where you sign up for literally email lists so you can build more clients or something like that. Not entirely sure how all of it works, but it's only day 3... so I will learn more I guess. Either way, I am excited. I think today was an easy day.Just a couple of clicks and clicks and I was done.

That's it so far lemme know what you guys think Make Money Online


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