eBay Dropshipping – Ressell Items On eBay (Makes $1000/Month)

eBay Dropshipping
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start eBay dropshipping

eBay.com is the most popular website to buy and sell goods on the internet.It's a place where individuals and businesses can buy or sell new or second-hand items, from books and clothes to cars to almost anything. Selling your used items on eBay is one thing, but using drop shippers to sell new items can take your business to a whole new level.

Here's how eBay Dropshipping works

1) A seller lists an item on eBay, almost anything from antiques to mobile phones, books to sporting goods.
2) The seller chooses whether to sell the item at a fixed price or accept only bids (auction-type listing).
3) In an auction-type listing, the bidding opens at a price the seller specifies and remains on eBay for a certain number of days.

eBay Dropshipping

4) Buyers then place bids on the item.When the listing ends, the buyer with the highest bid wins.
5) In a fixed price listing, the first buyer willing to pay the seller's price gets the item.

How to start a Dropshipping Business

This is a really  good start to make money fast online and it's really a stepping stone to other businesses if you never made money online if you never saw dollar signs hit your account from online business, then you're not going to believe in yourself and you're not going to have that confidence to pursue other ventures.

You have to be a hard worker this is just a given you have to be a driving person this is pretty common amongst beginners if you never made money online, this is how you made your first $1,000 per month dropshipping :

  1. Make an eBay account
  2. Set up a software
  3. Find best seller to list
  4. List them
  5. Proft
  6. Customers Support

So, the first step this is pretty simple I don't want to go into it, you're making an eBay account, just go to eBay start an account go through that process, then if you've never heard of listing software you need to get software so you can list items dropshipping is basically where you take an item from Walmart and sell your self for a market price, the best software to help you with listing is SaleHoo this software does is it tracks your prices against Walmart's prices so your store is exactly the same as walmart this ensures that you don't lose money if someone buys an item for $100 when it's $160 at walmart that simple, Then Find best seller to list you can Find trusted suppliers of brand name products you can sell on Amazon, eBay, and your own store with SaleHooreally helped to find trustworthy and reliable suppliers and finding suppliers who were open to working with an individual dropshipping business.

Now that you’ve got your eBay listings, it’s time to make money! Start building a positive reputation by fulfilling your orders as quickly as possible, and check in with your supplier on a weekly or even daily basis to make sure everything is running the way it should. Remove listings for discontinued or out-of-stock items and replace them with new products regularly.

Respond to customer complaints and inquiries promptly and professionally, and do your best to create a positive experience that will build loyalty and encourage repeat customers.

eBay dropshipping

People who are self-motivated and know how to spread the word - to friends, family members, acquaintances and strangers using online or offline mediums. Some experience of selling goods online or offline is welcome, along with a business savvy mind.

Time Required To Start Selling On eBay

To start selling you first need an eBay account and PayPal account.After that, you need to enlist your product for which you'll need to upload some product pictures and write an appealing description.

Even if you are a beginner you can do all the above tasks within a day or two.

eBay Dropshipping Tips

1) If you are completely new to eBay Dropshipping and your account does not have any feedback, then getting some feedback before starting to sell anything is a good practice.

People are very wary of buying anything online nowadays, so if your account has 0 feedback then no one's is going to buy anything from you.

It's recommended that you should get at least 10-15 feedbacks before start eBay Dropshipping.The simplest way to get feedback is to buy 10-15 $0.99 items with free shipping.

Many sellers leave positive feedback to you straightway when you'll make payments.

2) Start small - Most of the eBay resellers buy a bulk wholesale stock of any particular product then sell it on eBay at a retail price. If you don't have money to buy a wholesale stock then find out unwanted items present in your house which are in good condition and make a list of them.

3) Research - Now as you have a list of few ready to sell items you must ensure that there is a market for them.Take 10 minutes to Google your item and uncover its true market value on eBay and another bunch of e-commerce sites.

This will help you to sell right items more competitively because you'll have the knowledge of your item's market and its pricing strategies. Also, dig out relevantly targeted keywords which will help people to find your items via Google search engine (SEO)

4) Craft the title - Title is the single most important factor for grabbing the attention of your potential buyer.Make sure your title is appealing, complete and you've included targeted keywords. how to find a targeted keywords You don't have to be a tech wizard for this. Just ask yourself, what would a potential buyer for this item type into the search box?

5) Write item's description - Fill out all the fields in your listing and make sure your textual description is providing all the information that your potential buyer might look for.Most of the lazy sellers ignore this and fail badly at selling anything on eBay Dropshipping.

6) Upload item's pictures - Upload only high-quality pictures. Ensure that item's pictures are new, clear (not blurry) and cover the product from all angles.

Also, don't restrict yourselves to 2-3 pictures upload at least 6 pictures.

7) Timing - Most of the expert sellers use 10-day listing starting on Thursday, you should use it too, it will give you two full weekends of eyeballs. you'll usually receive the highest traffic on weekends.

How To Monetize eBay Dropshipping

Monetization is very simple. More people place orders with you more money you make.Your item quality and delivery influence your user feedback which directly affects your order placement.

So make sure you are delivering items with good quality. eBay handles all your transactions securely, so you don't need to worry about any payment processing issues.

Once you are in a profit-making stage, buy your most selling products in bulk at a wholesale price and then sell them at retail price to increase your profits.

Strategies for Success eBay Dropshipping :

Some of the greatest success from eBay Dropshipping comes from using other retailers, not wholesalers. Items selling on clearance at retailer websites can be used to fulfill orders. Many times these items are even cheaper than wholesale because the store wants to get rid of it. When someone buys the item from your eBay listing, you go to the retailer's website, place an order with your payment information and the eBay buyer's shipping address. You don't need to tell the retailer you are reselling the item. This strategy works well because the retailer has reliable shipping times and quality items. It takes research to find that hot item, but the profit margin can be anywhere from 100 to 400 percent. Sometimes retailers limit the number of items a customer can purchase, so check the store's policy before you list a bunch of them. You can also pretend to purchase the item, type in a large quantity and see if it is placed into your online shopping cart. Monitor quantities every few days to make sure the item is still available from the retailer.

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