Learn CPA Marketing – How To Make Money with CPA Marketing?

CPA Marketing
You are definitely curious about How to make money with CPA Marketing That's what we will learn today

You will learn in this Post:

  • What is CPA?
  • How to Promote CPA offers?

CPA is easier because you'll earn money even if a product is not sold. Unlike Affiliate marketing where somebody must purchase a product for you to receive commissions.

What is CPA?

CPA stands for "Cost Per Action" CPA Marketing is one of the popular ways of making money on the internet. CPA Marketing is very simple: You get paid when someone clicks on your affiliate link (See what I mean by Affiliate link )and completes an action. That action could be:

  • Providing an email address.
  • Signing up for a free trial of a product
  • Downloading a mobile app
  • Requesting a quote

CPA is easier because you'll earn money even if a product is not sold. Unlike Affiliate marketing where somebody must purchase a product for you to receive commissions.

CPA Marketing model works on lead generation. Many big companies are willing to pay big commissions for generating targeted leads. Your job is to just get them a lead, they will do rest of the work for generating a sale from those leads.

Cpa Marketing works

How To Promote CPA offers

The key to becoming successful with CPA offers is huge traffic, you need a lot of traffic in order to become successful you need cheap traffic a lot of clicks, so that's what you need, there are two ways that I know can get you a lot of cheap traffic :

The first one is Google Display ads if you do your targeting right in Google display ads you can get a lot of clicks for tiny amounts of payments like you can get 2 cents 3 cents clicks which is really good for CPA offers because let's say you make 50 cents on a CPA offers and you pay 3 cents for each clicks for a Display ad, if you spend 25 cents to get that lead 50 cents commissions you still make 25 cents. So the whole key to becoming successful to this is getting a lot of traffic. and the second way is really different way is something called article website, so basically, the whole concept of this is you serve a Facebook page and you set up a website for that Facebook page and on that website, you publish interesting articles things that people want to read for example about artists all that stuff now if something is related to your CPA offer preferably, so you publish interesting article you can even just copy from other websites and what you do is put all of the banner ads all over this website and you get cheap traffic from Facebook to your website and people read your articles but they see all this banner ads and they going to click to go to your CPA offers, that's the second way to get a lot of cheap traffic to your CPA offers.

Suitable For

1) People who love to talk, write, explain and have the ability to persuade.

2) Best for people who already own Blog or website with some daily traffic (See the full guide for Building and ranking sites).

Skills Required

1) Ability to promote CPA affiliate links using social media, video, forum marketing, paid ads, etc.

2) Ability to persuade and convince people through right argument and explanation.

Time Required For Starting CPA Marketing

To start CPA Marketing and earn commissions you need find an offers to promote, then get accepted by a CPA network. You can find an offer almost instantly but get accepted into a CPA network might take a week.

But, once accepted you can instantly start promoting an offer of your wish.

TOP 5 CPA Networks in 2017:

  1. MaxBounty - Consistently the favorite of our voters, MaxBounty runs on great leadership and a solid reputation.
  2. PeerFly -  A younger network doing a lot of things right.
  3. Clickbooth - using their years of success to transition from traditional affiliate network to a programmatic performance exchange.
  4. CPAlead - The inventors of Content Locking, half a million affiliates and way up in the Inc. 500, CPAlead is deservedly rising fast in our rankings.
  5. W4 - Experience tells, and for W4 that means a steady rise up the rankings. A good, solid, professional network.

CPA Marketing networks


1) Find different offers - Your first step here will be to find different CPA offers available in the market. And the best way to dig them out is to visit oDigger.com and OfferVault.com.

Both these sites work as search engines for finding CPA Marketing offers. they aggregate offers from all the reputed CPA Marketing networks available worldwide.

2) Select your perfect offer - if you already own a Blog in any particular niche (If not you can take this guide to build Profitable WebSite or Blog) then select an offer related to that niche. Mke sure it is relevant to your Blog and audience.

For e.g. if your Blog talks about android app gaming, then a CPA offer which pays you when somebody installs an android game app would be perfect for you.

3) Getting accepted - Belief or not but getting accepted into CPA networks has become a huge stumbling block for most of the marketers. Most of the CPA Marketing networks nowadays implement tough scrutiny to ensure that only high quality and legitimate marketers get access to their offers.

This is to prevent any fraud or any illegitimate activity.

Following are few tips which will help you to get in:

  1. Be honest - CPA networks filter out scammers and not the legitimate people, so make sure the information you provide is real and isn't shady Don't try to trick them.
  2. Know your offer - If you already know what offer you want to promote then it's a great plus point. You'll be asked about it when you'll fill the application. This shows that you are one with a plan.
  3. Know your traffic source - while filling your application you'll be asked about your traffic sources. So you must know how people are going to reach your offer. Are you going to promote it through email marketing, mobile ads, writing an article on Blog or anything else, you must clearly mention about it.
  4. Optimize your Blog - Once you've joined a network and selected your CPA Marketing offer, it's the time to promote it on your Blog. The best way to do this to integrate your affiliate links in the Blog's content.This is so far the best ways to get higher click-thru rates. Another way is you can place banners either on in the headers or sidebar section.

Always do some experiments and try to optimize your link placement to maximize your click-thru rates, but while doing so ensure that you are damaging your Blog's user experience.

How To Monetize

Commissions for CPA Marketing offers usually range from $0.10 to $10 per action. In some niches such as insurance, Attorney, Antivirus Software it can go up to $50 per action.

Imagine if you could get 10 people to download a trial version of an antivirus software which pays you $50 per install, you'll earn $500 without even selling anything.

The commissions offered are decided based on the factors such as niche, back-end product cost, product demand and supply, targeted country and so on.

In order to earn maximum commissions, it is best that you choose offers which are relevant to your audience and pay higher commissions.

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